Winning Post Productions (WPP) facilities include 4 Avid Media Composer Suites, ranging from basic offline to full broadcast specification online.P4270022_big

The suites also have Adobe Creative Suite – the tools needed to produce high quality graphics and FX for any project. WPP has an 8 x 16 Metre pack shot studio equipped with lights and autocue. The studio has hard cyclorama on three walls which can be painted to facilitate Chroma Keying.

The finished program material can be mastered to a range of broadcast formats, including Digital Betacam, DVC-Pro 50 and Betacam SP.

WPP have the production competencies to produce and post produce a wide range of video projects. These include; TV commercials, promotional and training videos, documentaries.

All post production needs are delivered at competitive commercial rates, in the time frame that suits the most demanding client.

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