Winning Post has an extensive range of videos produced here in Tasmania, interstate and overseas.

Titles made at Winning Post range from “Tasmania the Video”, a one hour presentation , and other DVD titles covering the State include, “Tasmanian Tiger”, “Port Arthur”, “Tasmania, its History and Heritage”, “Tasmanian Devil”, “ Tall Ships and Maritime History”, “Antarctic- The Crystal Ocean”, “See Tasmania – Resort TV” and a substantial range or motoring and aviation titles.

Winning Post has the largest independent library of electronic visual material, both historic and contemporary showcasing Tasmania, its culture, heritage, industry and people.

Tasmania The Video

The definitive documentary
Tasmania The Video/DVD is the States first complete souvenir video production. Since its release it has sold in excess of 50,000 copies, on VHS and now on DVD.

For those holidaying here, follow Tourism Tasmania’s “Trails” in this new edition, covering those specific areas with each providing a memorable experience and wide range of interests.

Scenic natural attractions, those man made tourist icons, food and wine, …..without doubt this video is the ultimate tour of Tasmania’s Island State.

The Crystal Oceancrystalocean_sm

Antarctica is known as Earth’s last continent.
Experience the wonders of the frozen land in this spectacular trilogy.

Follow the progress of the iceberg and its inhabitants from its summer birth through to winter’s night when it becomes locked in the sea’s icy grip.

See Tasmaniaseetas_sm

As Seen on Resort TV
Explore the natural and man-made attractions of Australia’s Island State –TASMANIA. Experience the thrill of those adrenaline pumping rides, or that quiet experience of the wilderness and its superb scenery.

Marvel at the history of Tasmania’s early pioneering and convict history that abounds this wonderful State.

The Tasmanian Tigertassietiger_sm

The definitive documentary
The Thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger …The largest marsupial carnivore, with the pouch and reproductive system of a kangaroo, but occupying the same ecological niche as North America’s timber wolf. A truly unique animal.

In 1803, when European man settled Tasmania, the extermination of the animal began. Was the specimen in Hobart Zoo in 1936 the last Tasmanian Tiger? Even the experts will not rule out the possibility it survives in Tasmania’s primeval forests…[/tab]


Its History, Its Heritage
For the first time, a program that examines the discovery of Tasmania, its early settlements, its rise to independence, its architectural gems in
cities and towns.

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Port Arthur Unravelling the Truthportarthur_sm

Tasmania – Australia
A journey of discovery to Australia’s most notorious penal settlement. Beautiful, sad, educational, enthralling. Wander through Australia’s most famous historic site.

Learn about Port Arthur’s brutal and courageous past. Be inspired by its beauty and uplifted by tales of human endeavour. This 50 minute video is a wonderful souvenir for visitors and residents alike.

Tall Shipstaalships_sm

Hobart City of Sails
Sunday, 10th January 1988. This was the day that the city of Hobart awoke to the sight of a harbour filled with sails as the tall ships moved up the Derwent River to their berths.

Tall Ships captures the excitement and spectacle of the departure from Sydney, the voyage to Tasmania and the colour and warmth of the Hobart welcome.

The Devil’s Playgroundtessiedevil_sm

Deep inside a devil’s lair…
Murderous and malevolent, the Tasmanian Devil’s eerie wail haunts Tasmania’s wilderness. This film follows a year in the life of a young female devil and her cubs as infrared cameras inside the den reveal, for the very first time, the intensely private world of the Tassie Devil.